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We are a team of
who remove every obstacle between you and your goals.

Our creative studio helps to bring bold, meaningful ideas into the world in 3 key areas.

  • Strategy
  • Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Print
  • UI & Web
  • Communication Planning

We empower visionary leaders, organizations and brands through clear and compelling communication.

Across various mediums, we help brands move into bold, new territory, help startups reach their audience, launch ambitious capital campaigns, and more.

Partnering with Colours and Shapes has been the best decision we could have made. Working with us on everything from curation, brand, campaigns, programming, design, production, vision, planning, budgeting, and so much more — they truly have been the best kind of partner you could hope for.

Sharol Josephson, Executive Director + One Conferences

Our Process

Regardless of scope or scale, every project follows a defined process. Our approach fosters ongoing iteration through each phase and is built on foundational design principles, producing the best possible outcomes.


Initial dialogue and identifying the needs, pains, hopes & dreams.


Define scope of work & present project plan and budget.


Design sprint, ideation, blue sky white boarding.


Define strategic way forward and clearly defined outcomes.


Ideation, initial rough concepts, napkin sketches, mood boards.


Clarify and sign off on creative tone and direction.


Design, Build, Film, Animate, Edit, Compose, Execute.


Complete design & build of all creative assets.


Campaign execution, event, website, film, campaign launch.


Final step in the process: Big ideas are launched + powerful experiences executed.

Our creative process prioritizes discovery and early prototyping to make space for exploration and innovation, bringing even the wildest ideas to life.

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